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侨福读库3丨线人一新上市等你来探! New Arrival of Parkview Green

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People can appreciate Parkview Green FanCaoDi by visiting Parkview Green Beijing landmark or opening a Parkview Green Index to read.


Parkview Green Index was first established by George Wong, the founder of Parkview Green FangCaoDi as one of his cultural publications.  Parkview Green Index would be more than just a book, it may be a concept, a spiritual forum, and it must be perceived as an enriching gift especially in this era of internet.


Master Hsing Yun from Taiwan had inscripted this cultural project of Parkview Green Index.  And the cover seal was designed by the renowned artist Han Meilin.


The first edition of Parkview Green Index was first established and launched in 2015.  In its first incarnation, this periodical publication had a structure akin to an index or dictionary which listed out many things that make up the foundation of Parkview Green.


Parkview Green Index is established as a “paper-based artwork”.  It presents Parkview Green’s values and aspirations in an honest fashion and exquisite crafting.


In 2017, distribution of Parkview Green Index was taken over by the Guangming Daily Publishing House.  The second edition of Parkview Green Index was official launched.  


In July 2018, Parkview Green Index presents its third edition in a completely new format, with major changes in everything from content structure to editing and binding.  The creative direction of the new Parkview Green Index draws from five key areas of Parkview Group’s practices and explorations over the past 2 decades: art, figure, architecture, design and the environment. 


The brand new third edition of Parkview Green Index takes a younger and more energetic stand to its readers.


The art section of this third edition begins with thirty years of Chinese contemporary art, invited professor Yi Ying from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and famous artist Liu Xiao Dong who were drawing readers into the topic, “the face of Chinese contemporary art in the Western context.”


The architecture section directly faces the shifts in Chinese modern architecture from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present, and presents current practices in architecture through cases of “renovation of the hutongs.”


The culture section highlights Mr. Huang Yong Song’s dedication to traditional culture; an AIDS sufferer’s bravery in facing reality and his own treatment and the state of China’s left-behind children.


The design section looks at the “design and reuse of waste materials” in design practice in light of environmental issues.  The pioneer design teams from Germany, Japan, and Holland are discovering more possibilities for future livings. 


The environmental section touches on a major focus of Parkview Group’s actions, and interprets Parkview Green Index’s view on harmony between humanity and nature through the lends of water, air and living.  The famous New Zealand outdoor photographer Joseph Michael was invited to photograph the most beautiful sceneries of glacier in the South Pole, showed it’s in danger to melt and eventually leads to destroy the earth.


The newest third edition of Parkview Green Index is now available at CITIC Coffee + Books at Parkview Green FangCaoDi.  For more information, please visit Parkview Green Art Gallery, Museum and Éclat Hotel Beijing’s gift shops.  It will also be available soon to buy it online. ​​​​

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